December 16, 2012
Cheating on my Tumblr

I’ve been blogging a lot in other places (becoming kind of obsessed with Wordpress), and I don’t really feel the need to crosspost too much, but I know that some people just follow my Tumblr, so I thought I would add a few links here:

I’ve been writing a pretty detailed log of my Crossfit workouts the past month or so. It’s really good for me. Most of them I don’t really feel are relevant to anyone except myself, but today I wrote a little bit about being a lady Crossfitter. I’d love to learn more about other ladies’ experiences. If you know of other Crossfit blog written by women, I’d love to know about them!

Another women-focused project: the PDXX Collective. Recent posts include:
A conversation I had with a Tunisian cab driver
Zine recommendations!
Politics as a Portlander

This week I wrote about my writing process (and how writing is hard for me). 

Just in case you’re interested!